A flight to Tenerife diverted to Seville after a child incurred health problems


On 20 July, during a TUI flight from Stuttgart, Germany, to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, a medical emergency arose involving a child passenger. The flight was diverted to Seville as a result of the child’s medical problems. The airline crew and ground staff collaborated to quickly address the situation and ensure a safe and prompt solution.

Due to the seriousness of the medical situation, the crew was granted priority in the descent and landing procedures to ensure that the child received immediate medical assistance upon landing. The main focus was on coordinating the necessary care to attend to the well-being of the affected child. The airline expressed their concern and wished for a speedy recovery for the young passenger.

In such medical emergencies during flights, the primary concern is always the health and safety of the passengers, and the airline crew acted promptly and appropriately to provide the best possible care for the child in need.

The flight involved was TUIfly (Germany) flight X3 2218 operated by Boeing 737-800 registered D-ABKI. After one hour on the ground, the aircraft continued to its final destination which was reached with a delay of one hour and 20 minutes.



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