TUI fly France cabin crew union announces three-day strike notice between 13 and 15 September


French “Union des Navigants de l’Aviation Civile” (U.N.A.C), the trade union representing the cabin crew working for TUI fly France, has issued a strike notice for 13, 14 and 15 September. 

For three years now, French cabin crew members are showing flexibility, but also a lot of patience,” Laura Lemaire of UNAC explained to, “cabin crew members feel  unequally treated.”

Our Belgian colleagues at TUI fly Belgium, operating flights to and from France, are paid twice as much as our French colleagues on the same flights,” Lemaire continued. She added: “These Belgian colleagues are working illegally in France.

For over a year, the union representatives have warned TUI fly France about the negative working conditions of the French cabin crew members; we are urging the company to tackle a few points like pay and meal allowances.


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