Two TUI fly Belgium flights severely delayed between Bordeaux Mérignac and Menorca


The passengers remained stranded between Saturday morning and Sunday evening, both in Mérignac and Mahon

They were on the brink of a nervous crisis this weekend. The passengers of TUI fly Belgium travelling between Bordeaux-Mérignac airport and Mahon airport in the Balearic Islands have suffered a very long delay, in both ways. Those who went on holiday were trapped in the Gironde, those who were returning were stranded in Menorca. The charter flights scheduled on Saturday morning, in both cases, were delayed until Sunday, at the end of the day.

According to Bordeaux airport, the passengers departing from Merignac were 136. “Of course, we were offered one night at the Mercure hotel, but it is not normal that the reduced fares be established at the expense of the travellers?”, complained one of them, Jean-François Babin, a banking executive in Dompierre-sur-Mer and very angry against the company. “Besides, we were not given any specific information. We heard about an aeroplane problem without it being official. It’s really annoying.”

Same annoyance in the voice of Julie Hue, a Bayonne resident stuck at the airport of Mahon with her 9-year-old son. “Since Saturday morning 8 hours, we walk. We were told of a check-out postponed to Sunday at 10 o’clock, then a note under the door of our hotel room announced a meeting at noon”. On Sunday, at the end of the day, she was still waiting and hoping for a flight to Bordeaux in the evening. “My son goes back to school on Monday, I’m very annoyed.”

On Sunday evening, Bordeaux airport evoked a “change of aircraft” for the flight in direction of Mahon which finally had to take off around 19 hours. The 146 passengers returning from the Balearic Islands were expected around 10:30 pm in Mérignac.

Source: Sud-Ouest


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