TUI fly relaunches flights from Morocco to France and Belgium

After 7 months of inactivity, TUI fly received authorisation from the Moroccan government to operate a flight programme to France and Belgium between 12 November and 10 December.

TUI fly will operate flights to these two countries from 12 November. Initially, flights will be operated from the airports of Rabat, Oujda and Casablanca, to Orly, Bordeaux, Metz (France) and Brussels (Belgium). Marrakech airport will then accommodate flights from/to Orly.

This first programme is a reduced flight programme, the development of which will depend on the decisions of the respective governments and the evolution of the pandemic. It allows staff based in the various bases in Morocco to resume work.

The programme from November is as follows:

  • Casablanca – Metz: 1x / week, every Thursday, from November 12;
  • Casablanca – Orly: 2x / week, Fridays and Sundays, from November 13;
  • Rabat – Orly: 2x / week, Mondays and Saturdays, from November 14;
  • Oujda – Orly: 2x / week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, from November 14;
  • Casablanca – Bordeaux: 1x / week, Tuesdays, from November 17th;
  • Casablanca – Brussels: 1x / week, Wednesdays, from November 18;
  • Marrakech – Orly: 2x / week, Mondays and Saturdays, from November 21.


André Orban: M. Sc. Engineering
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