TUI fly Belgium stops serving standard meals on board flights of less than 6 hours


As from these Easter holidays, TUI fly Belgium no longer offers standard meals on flights lasting less than 6 hours. The airline wants to offer more options to travellers, who can now decide for themselves if they want something to eat or drink during the flight. The now expanded range offers both snacks and hot meals, depending on the time of day.

This new measure also aims to significantly reduce the amount of waste on board.

When TUI fly was created in 2004, the standard meal was a fixed concept and the cabin crew offered a cold meal to every traveller who had opted for package holidays. In 2017, TUI opted for a net ticket price: holidaymakers who wanted a standard meal could book it in advance, for a fee, but could not choose the content of the meal tray.

For some holidaymakers, a coffee and a waffle are sufficient, while others are more tempted by a hot meal and a glass of wine. To better meet the wishes of everyone, TUI fly has decided to eliminate standard meals and offer a la carte service on board.

The offer is wide and the prices very reasonable, so that everyone can find what he wants. TUI fly has also expanded its range of drinks: various wines, aperitifs and spirits are offered, all of the biggest brands.

This new approach is fully in line with TUI’s sustainable development strategy. The removal of meal boxes can significantly reduce food waste and waste. In addition, the space on board – very limited – is used in an optimal way.

For flights of 6 hours or more, such as flights to the Cape Verde Islands or the Caribbean for example, standard meals are still included in the ticket price.

TUI fly also transports vacationers who have chosen the VIP Selection brand. For them and for the passengers booking the “Fly Deluxe” formula a set of specific services, including a well-prepared meal, prepared in collaboration with the “Jeunes restaurateurs d’Europe” is still part of the package. This VIP service remains available on almost all air routes, including distant destinations.

April 19, 2019


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