TUI fly Belgium resumes flights from Belgian regional airports Charleroi and Ostend tomorrow, 3 July


As announced here earlier, TUI fly Belgium will resume flights from the Belgian regional airports Brussels South Charleroi and Ostend-Bruges tomorrow, 3 July.

The flight programme has been seriously adapted in function of the existing coronavirus restrictions in the destination countries and is, therefore, starting modestly.

The first flight from Ostend (TB1451) leaves at 18:20 to Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Spain).

The first flights from Charleroi leave to Murcia (Spain)(TB1271) and Malaga (Spain)(TB1051), both at 06:30, followed later in the day by flights to Alicante (Spain) and Toulon (France).

Last month, on June 20, TUI fly restarted its flights from Brussels Airport and next week, on July 10, it will resume flights from Antwerp. The first flight from Liège is scheduled on 17 July.


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