TUI fly Belgium relaunches flight to 55 destinations in July, with already a few flights in June


The recent decision by the National Security Council of Belgium to authorise travel to the Schengen area again from 15 June represents an important step for the tourism sector. At TUI, holidays by car and holidays by plane to European destinations will, therefore, be relaunched.

For some important destinations, this will only be possible from 1 July. TUI hopes for a quick European decision regarding non-European destinations.

At the press conference following the National Security Council on Wednesday, Belgian travellers received details for the summer holidays, at least for the holidays in Europe. TUI will inform its customers as soon as possible of what this means for the summer holidays they have booked.

For holidaymakers who have booked a holiday by car, by definition in Europe, things become clearer:

  • From 15 June, all trips to destinations that will open their borders to foreigners will be maintained. This is the case of France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Andorra, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Ireland and Croatia.
  • From 1 July, travel to Spain will be allowed.
  • Two countries are an exception, countries where Belgians cannot yet go or whose residence formalities do not allow them to spend an optimal holiday, namely the United Kingdom and Denmark. TUI is unable to provide concrete information on these destinations at this time.

For air travel, the main restart is scheduled for early July. Before this date, some flights will already be operated to small destinations. The first scheduled flight will take place on Saturday 20 June from Brussels Airport to Dubrovnik (Croatia), followed by a flight on Sunday 21 June to Faro (Portugal).

TUI is focusing on the beginning of July, the official date for the start of the summer holidays and the date on which the most important European destinations will reopen their borders. From 1 July, TUI will offer a large flight programme, however, the number of destinations offered and the flight frequencies will systematically increase each week (1).

Several non-European countries are also included in this programme, although, for the moment, no details have been given on the possibilities of travel to these countries for Belgians. Countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt are very popular destinations and account for around 30% of the flight schedule at TUI. It is therefore very important for TUI customers to obtain details of trips to these destinations as quickly as possible.

All flights to the Caribbean are currently cancelled until 9 July(2).

TUI flights from the 4 regional airports in Belgium will also resume in July. The first flights from Charleroi will take place on 3 July to Murcia (Spain) and Oujda (Morocco). On the same day, a flight will depart from Ostend to Mallorca (Spain). Antwerp will resume on Friday 10 July with flights to Ibiza (Spain) and Split (Croatia). Finally, flights to Malaga, Alicante (Spain) and Kayseri (Turkey) will be operated from Liège on 17 July.

TUI will only offer flights operated by the airline TUI fly and exceptionally will not use other airlines this summer to increase its capacity. Following this reduction in the number of seats initially planned, TUI has withdrawn certain small destinations from its summer offer(3).

Everything is currently being done to inform holidaymakers as soon as possible. The majority of trips to Europe will be maintained. For reservations requiring small changes – if the flight must, for example, be delayed – customer service will contact the traveller directly.

TUI welcomes the new perspectives for people who still wish to book a trip. Starting next week, holidaymakers will have the choice of thousands of last-minute offers, currently only guaranteed in Europe.

You will find more information on the measures implemented for travel on the website

(1) Between July 1 and July 9, 55 destinations will already be served. The following week, 66 destinations will be available. The week of July 17, the entire program will be implemented with 72 different destinations.
(2) Caribbean: the Dominican Republic – Cuba – Mexico – Jamaica.
(3) Destinations cancelled: Miami (United States) – Lesbos (Greece) – Samos (Greece) – Thassos (Greece) – Ohrid (North Macedonia) – La Palma (Spain) – Lourdes (France) – Pula (Croatia).

June 5, 2020

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