TUI fly Belgium is cancelling most long-haul flights this summer


Tour operator TUI Belgium is cancelling all package tours to far-flung destinations Cuba, Jamaica, Florida and Mexico this summer, spokesperson Piet Demeyere said on Friday. Indeed, non-essential travel outside the European Union is still discouraged for now and no improvement is in sight yet.

It makes no sense to make people wait even longer, especially if it also reduces the chances that they will find an alternative,” said Piet Demeyere. “Three weeks before departure, we examine the situation at the destination. If the situation is still red, we cancel. This way, travellers have three weeks to possibly choose another destination,” Demeyere added.

Only a relatively small number of passengers have been affected by the decision because many people are still reluctant to go to faraway destinations due to the coronavirus crisis.

The decision currently applies to July and August. TUI hopes to be able to offer package vacations to remote destinations again from September, if the pandemic permits.


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