A TUI fly Belgium flight from Brest to Toulon delayed by 16 hours due to mechanical failure


They had to leave Brest this Friday at 18:50 for Toulon with TUI fly Belgium flight TB5588 (to be operated by Boeing 737-800 OM-JEX of Air Explore). The passengers finally took off on Saturday at 11:30, the end of the morning. The problem? “A technical breakdown in Toulon,” says a spokesperson from the TUI Group.  The incoming flight TB5587, which had come from Brussels South Charleroi as TB5583 in the early afternoon, was stuck in Toulon.

A technician was able to repair the plane Friday night; however, TUI fly was unable to ensure the rotation Toulon-Brest-Toulon because the working time of the personnel on board would have been exceeded. The aircraft thus returned to Brussels South Charleroi as TB5584 and the 189 passengers of the Toulon-Brest-Toulon flights were taken care of.

We provided them with drinks and meals, and we transported them to the hotels where they spent the night,” before taking off yesterday morning with a replacement aircraft: Boeing 737-800 OO-JAQ, which came from Brussels as a position flight TB588 and after an inverted Brest-Toulon-Brest rotation, returned to Brussels as positioning flight TB587.


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