TUI fly Belgium dispatches 28 flights to Almeria and the Balearic Islands for repatriation to Belgium


Between now and next Saturday, tour operator TUI will send 28 empty planes to the Spanish holiday regions of Almeria and the Balearic Islands to pick up returning travellers.

Since midnight on Friday, these two popular destinations have turned red on the corona map of the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, meaning that Belgian tourists are no longer allowed to go there, except for essential travel.

However, more than 3,500 Belgians travelling with TUI can still come home with the return flight that they normally booked until 29 August. Those who had to return after 29 August will be given a seat on one of the 28 flights scheduled for next week.

It was announced on Friday that TUI, as a result of the changed colour code, has cancelled all flights to the Balearic Islands until 5 September.

Departing customers will be contacted by TUI customer service and will be offered alternative destinations, a voucher or refund.

Source: HLN


  1. The title makes it sound as these are special flights, but aren’t these the normal scheduled flights which are empty on the outbound sector?

  2. Most are indeed the regularly scheduled flights, but there should be some additional flights to take home holiday-goers supposed to return after 29 August.


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