TUI fly Belgium develops its two pilot training programmes


Open days March 10 – April 21 – May 26

Unique in Belgium, the pilot academy launched by TUI fly a year ago allows more young people to fulfil their dream of becoming a pilot without the budget being a drag. Today, the Belgian airline offers two training programmes to become first officer, one after 18 months, the other after 39 months. The financial participation is attractive, up to a third of the average price to be paid in the traditional flying schools. The training is given by instructors of the company, which has its own didactic material and facilities necessary for teaching. TUI fly has invested more than a million euros to set up this academy which, since its creation, has attracted a lot of interest from men and women passionate about aviation.

The airline sector is very attractive, but the pilot training is expensive: a young person who wants to obtain an airline pilot licence must pay an average of 90,000 euros. TUI fly has developed two training programmes that allow candidates to obtain a flight licence but also the qualification to fly the Boeing 737. With the investment of TUI, they will have to provide only 30,000 or 50,000 euros, depending on the formula chosen, for this training that meets the highest standards.

This training obviously requires a great commitment on the part of the candidates, both in terms of studies and work. After the successful completion of the training, the pilot receives a guarantee of employment for at least three years.

For TUI fly, the challenge of this academy is to get the certainty that it will continue to fly with the best pilots. The company has also invested more than one million euros to carry out this programme: IT infrastructure, didactic material, equipment for training, premises for courses, additional training given to instructors. Both theoretical and practical courses are given by TUI fly instructors who are also active as pilots. After the installation of a cabin for training in the fight against fire and smoke, a flight simulator will be installed during the spring at the company’s headquarters in Zaventem.

Training course in 39 months

The first course provides for training in three years and three months. The candidate works part-time in the offices. Thanks to this, he learns the operation of an airline, receives a salary and contributes to the financing of training (10,000 euros per year of training, a total of 30,000 euros).

Training course in 18 months

This training has the same content as that of 39 months but the candidate is immersed full time in theory and practice. He does not work in the offices and finances his training up to 50,000 €.

Open doors on March 10th, April 21st and May 26th

Three days of information on these training programmes will be organised on Saturday, March 10, April 21 and May 26, in the offices of the airline in Zaventem.

Info and registration for open days on, for other vacancies check out our job page.

Press release, February 26, 2018


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