TUI fly Belgium cancels all flights to Bulgaria and North Macedonia

© Boeing and TUI Fly Belgium

TUI fly Belgium is cancelling all flights to and from Bulgaria until 30 June, VRT NWS reported on Saturday evening. All of the flights to North Macedonia have also been cancelled for the entire summer season.

TUI fly Belgium normally operates two flights per week to two Bulgarian airports located on the Black Sea in the east of the country: Burgas and Varna. But the fact that Russia and Ukraine are also bordering the Black Sea seems to have an impact on tourism in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is not a risky country, but we have noticed that Belgian travellers are somewhat reluctant to choose an Eastern European destination at the moment,” says Piet Demeyere, spokesman for TUI Belgium.

Some popular destinations, such as Prague, the Czech capital, are less popular at the moment. “Travellers prefer to take a city trip to Valencia (Spain) or Lisbon (Portugal) rather than to an Eastern European city like Prague. The whole region is suffering a bit from the situation in Ukraine“, Demeyere added.

TUI fly Belgium also cancelled the flights to Ohrid, North Macedonia, for the whole summer season.


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