Tour operator TUI Belgium and its airline TUIfly Belgium scrap Miami and 5 European destinations until end October


As a consequence of the corona crisis, TUI Belgium and TUIfly Belgium are adjusting their schedule for this summer season. Six destinations are disappearing from the offer of TUI Holidays and TUIfly until 31 October: Miami (USA), Lourdes (France), Ohrid (North Macedonia, a destination supposed to be launched this summer), Kavala (Greece), Lesbos and Samos (Greece).

Customers whose reservations until the end of October for these destinations are cancelled will receive a TUI / TUIfly “Corona voucher” that they can use for their next holiday booking. They can find more information about this at their travel agent or on the TUI website.

The situation will be re-examined with regard to the winter 2020-2021 season (for which those destinations are not yet bookable).


  1. We have booked a holiday to Jamaica for the 1st of October 2020 can you let me no if there is a possibility of us flying and if not will we get our money back

  2. my husband and I are due to fly to Portugal on the 28th of May unable to get in touch with any one, had a message from tui offering a credit note which I don’t want, I would like a full cash refund I think its unfair what you are doing
    B jenkns

  3. Good luck on the refund. TUI have displayed the worst customer care of ANY company during this pandemic. Seems to be prioritising their bank balance rather than their customers. Won’t be using again.

  4. Should have sailed on a cruise Saturday 16th may,have not heard anything of TUI since before lockdown.

  5. We have tried to get in contact with tui no luck for the past 4weeks now given up 😒

  6. Going to Mexico late September, does anyone know what would be happening in September with the covid 19???

  7. I have been trying constantly to contact Tui to no avail i have called and emailed NO RESPONSE. Myself and my husband have booked mexico for sept 2020. We wish to move our holiday to next sept 2021.. but having no luck in doing so as tui do not answer..

    Can you help

  8. We waited TWO hours on hold ….. To cancel Florida in September …… Finally spoke to someone who refused to cancel our holiday and eventually she hung up on us ……. We have not paid balance due, only deposit, balance due next month, obviously we intend to part with NO MONEY as we will be unable to enter America anyhow as they have still shut their borders …… Shame as usually we have positive things to say re TUI …. Loyal customers for many years …. Not any more.


  10. Tui have been terible with there telephone service. I and many thousands have been on the phone for over 2 hours and no answers.
    Not good customer service.

  11. We are going to Croatia in August been trying to find out what is going off as full balance is due on the 19th of may what do we do

  12. Want to get my deposit back or reschedule holiday for next year as I have sat for hours on the phone and my son is austic and can’t fly this year, Yours Sincerely Mandy McVey

  13. Going to Mexico on 21 June for my honeymoon cant get through to them spent 3 thousand pounds the have f d my honeymoon thanks tui still waiting for them to get in touch with me never use them again

  14. It’s a shame that you feel this way, we do too !!. We loved tui!!!! But !!! Don’t know now ☹️☹️.

  15. I have been waiting 6wks now for tui to pay me back over 3000 pounds .
    Where has all there good customer service gone. 🙁

  16. Got through to Tui on phone after 20 mins this week, had booked Turkey for August they moved holiday to next year everything the same and even carried the deposit over so no money lost at all. Feel lucky but persevered to get through and talk to someone.

  17. We.managed to get a partial refund but still owed £400 deposit. They cancelled our trip to Ibiza 4th May and Foreign Office banned foreign travel so Tui should have refunded in full as per the law but they do as they wish which is CRIMINAL. Time for someone to grow some balls and call them out such as Boris…
    If you don’t abide by the law Mr Tui we will take you to court and not pay the 11k staff you furloughed !!!

  18. My husband and I due to fly to Sardinia in July.
    We have not paid balance only deposit. We have
    Sent emails and phoned numerous times but no luck. TUI is the worst customer care.They don’t care about customers only for a own profit

  19. Basically TUI has become a company of scammers. They just RIP off merchants they can’t supply the holiday on the designated date, and do not want to refund the money.

  20. will never use tui again and i think everybody else should do the same after the way they have treated us

  21. We are going to mallorca in October can you tell me if they are available please

  22. Mark Taylor….. we are supposed to be going to Croatia in July…. have paid the deposit but not the balance which was due in April… we contacted TUI about what we should do…… they said we should have paid the full amount but when we asked if we were going to get the same holiday that we All inclusive…. she said not really… we argued that why should we pay for something that we haven’t booked and also that will probably be cancelled anyway……. she couldn’t really give us a reply… we have been cut off several times with no call back & no one has contacted us about further payment……. we feel that if we can’t have the holiday which we booked we should be entitled to our full deposit back without paying anymore… we were offered the option of transferring to next year for £50 each but prices could not be guaranteed & also the all inclusive would not be as we expected….. also will the hotel still be operating?.. I know it’s Difficult times but it’s our hard earned money we need to think about! We are still waiting on TUI to contact us!!

  23. Me and my wife are due to fly to Bulgaria in september.we have emailed tui many times but never get a reply if are holiday is not going to happen we are entitled to a full refund as we have atol certificate

  24. We have booked a cruise for a group of 11 for a special birthday due to travel in july paid the Deposit and more we want to move the date for next year i have been calling everyday No Answer ,i have had enough

  25. My holiday was supposed to be on March 18. I’ve tried 100’s of times to call them in vane. They say you shall get your money back 4 weeks after you were supposed to go. Nothing yet.Never again will I book in a Tui travel agent.

  26. I’ve taken it for granted they would keep on ripping people off with their vouchers. A EU legislation states clearly they are due to pay back, unfortunately they keep on pushing things back and would off course like me to pay the full amount first…and then play the voucher-saga. So…i decided to be sure how much money i would loose and cancelled the Rhodes trip myself.

  27. Booked a cruise for 3 April all cancelled paid in full had my credit note Friday 15 May been phoning all day its just a waist of time discussing. Never book with Tui again

  28. TUI will get in touch with you. I panicked as I had a wedding booked in Jamaica for June. I couldn’t get through BUT they did phone me and have rearranged for next year now. If everyone cancels, they will go bust so why not just change your hols to next year.

  29. Due to fly to Salou on 26th no corrospondance from Tui emails bounce back phone constantly engaged very poor customer service from a large company .

  30. Been trying to get hold of them now the credit voucher has arrived, but no one answering to get a refund, waste of time can’t even find email address

  31. Disgusting way to treat customers and then deciding they are going to make you jump through hoops to keep your money what a shambolic mess for a company, never again

  32. We are having the same problems as everyone above
    Why has the Govt not insisted, Tui Stick to the Law? and pay back those who request it? If the position was reversed, I would be in Court by
    now, or even prison.

  33. I have a family holiday booked to Jamaica on the 23rd June. I have tried calling but no answer. This is absolutely shocking !!! I understand there will be lots of us & the pressure it entails but people need answers. We should also be entitled to our money back like most other companies are doing. If I find out it’s vouchers I will receive Tui will not be a company I will use again

  34. Hi to you all,
    I think we are all confronted with how bad this is turning out for most of us. I do have a question that I hope someone could help me with.
    I booked a ticket from Miami to Brussels and back. The ONLY reason for this ticket was to see my friend that I have known for five years, and we finally would have made it happen to see each other. In the article, it’s mentioned that the flights to Miami are canceled until the 31st of October. Now, I was wondering if anyone knew if Tui will pick up that destination again afterward.
    I did receive a voucher, but I had no intention of taking a holiday, nor will I be traveling somewhere next year. I just had one specific use for this ticket, so giving me a voucher doesn’t solve the problem. If I would at least get a refund, I could book a ticket from Miami till France. I do understand this is a difficult situation, but now Tui is obliging people to travel to other destinations, even if they don’t want to. And I will be spending 1.000 euros on traveling that was never intended.

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