Tourists are still welcome in Tenerife after incorrect reporting in the media – TUIfly Belgium maintains flights

Response from the Tourist Office for Tourism after incorrect reporting in the media

Yesterday, there was confusion about travel to and from Tenerife following the stricter measures announced by the Canary Government. Contrary to what has appeared in various media, travel to Tenerife remains possible. National and international tourists who plan to go on holiday in Tenerife can still do so, subject to the applicable measures. These entail that travellers must complete a health form in advance and must be able to present a negative corona test on arrival. On the island, it remains possible to experience various tourist activities as long as you travel in small groups with the necessary social distance.

Travel arrangements to Tenerife

Travelling to and from Tenerife will therefore continue in exactly the same way as before. For example, travellers will be able to present a negative Covid-19 test on arrival to prove that they are not infected with the coronavirus. The test must be performed within 72 hours of arrival and the statement may be in English or Spanish. If travellers cannot provide this test result, they must agree to a local corona test. Furthermore, before departure, foreign passengers must also complete a health check-up form via the website or the Spain Travel Health-SpTH app.

Measures for holiday experiences in Tenerife

The measures for excursions on the island also remain unchanged. Guided tours and active excursions can continue to take place with up to 20 people divided into fixed bubbles of four people. The safety distance between the different bubbles must be maintained at all times. The transport during the excursions depends on the organisation and it is best to check in advance with your travel agent or the organizer of the excursion.

Furthermore, there will be a curfew on the island from 22:00 to 06:00 from next Saturday. Restaurants and cafes may only keep their terraces open and dining is only possible with your own family. Shopping centres remain open, but with limited capacity. Wearing a face mask remains mandatory in public places, as in the rest of Spain, except in nature reserves and rural areas where you can keep sufficient distance.

TUI fly Belgium operations

After consultation with the competent authorities of the Canary Islands, TUI confirms that tourists are always welcome in Tenerife. Of course, travel advisories from different markets for this popular Canary Island destination still apply and should be taken into account.

In addition, the condition that tourists must be able to present a negative test result upon arrival in Spain still remains in force.

TUI will therefore operate the planned flights to Tenerife for the next few days and during the Christmas holidays. With the negative travel advisory for Tenerife for the past few weeks, TUI does not currently offer any package holidays to the island, but plane tickets can still be booked. Package tours to Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma (orange zones) are still available.

Thursday, December 17, 2020



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