Spotters welcome: Symbolic first TUI flight from Brussels Airport



Dear aviation lover,
On Wednesday 19 October Jetairfly will become TUI fly. This is something we will not let go by unnoticed. On that day, we will put all passengers of the symbolic first TUI flight, the TB1(111) from Brussels to Málaga, Spain, in the spotlight and we will “launch” the aircraft on the runway with a visual event. We have the pleasure of inviting you to join us in seeing the airplane off on the runway.

Places are limited, and we will be applying the principle “first come, first serve”. The first 20 people to register are welcome. Perhaps a small clue: be sure to bring a wide-angle lens.


The flight to Málaga departs punctually at 11 am. The event on the runway will start at 10 am. On the runway: this means that we will have to procure a visitor’s badge for all our guests and that we will have to have sufficient time to admit everyone airside on Wednesday 19 October. That is why we will assemble at 8.30 am in the lobby of Jetairport on that day.

It is also important to receive the data of all people who will be present so that we can apply for all visitor’s badges in time. That is why we would like you to confirm your presence at the latest (!) next Friday at 6.00 pm.


Do you want to be there? Don’t forget to complete the form at


Practical information:
1) We will meet at 8.30 am at Jetairport, Brussels National Airport 40P, 1930 Zaventem
2) We will provide parking spaces at car park P41 near Jetairport.
3) We will pass a security check. A word of advice: take only wat you absolutely need.
4) After the event, the possibility will be given to attend a reception in the TUI buildings, where sandwiches will be offered and where you will have a beautiful view of the runway from the terrace. The end is scheduled around 12.00 noon.


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