Second Boeing 737 MAX joins TUI fly Belgium’s fleet as OO-TMA

TUI fly Belgium’s sister aircraft OO-MAX

The second TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737 MAX aircraft took off from Seattle Boeing Field at 23:00 local time, after a flight time of 9 hours and 30 minutes in this delivery flight (without a stop in Reykjavik) the newest addition of the TUI fly fleet is expected to land on Belgian soil at around 17:30 (Friday 30 March). (Plane spotters: please join our BRU 30/03/2018 forum topic)

This aircraft is registered OO-TMA, next to OO-MAX, two more Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will join the TUI fly Belgium fleet.

With a capacity of 189 seats, the 737 MAX combines technological superiority with flight efficiency:

  • 14% lower fuel consumption and 14% less CO2 emissions
  • 40% less noise
  • new engine with an aerodynamic design
  • autonomy increased by 19%: 6500 km (Brussels-Canary Islands and back)

The Boeing 737 MAX is the latest variant of the Boeing 737, one of the most successful passenger aircraft in the world. It offers the latest technologies to reduce noise footprint and fuel consumption but also increases onboard passenger comfort.



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