Pilot project at Charleroi airport: TUI fly facilitates baggage registration


In early June, the Belgian airline TUI fly and Charleroi Airport set up a pilot project to facilitate baggage check-in. Eight machines to print baggage tags were installed in front of the terminals. They allow travellers to check in their own luggage with these tags. This new system avoids queuing and saves time if passengers want to go shopping or have a drink before boarding.

Queues at airport counters are well known to travellers. Although the ground staff did their best to facilitate check-in, there was nothing else to do other than waiting in line. For TUI fly passengers taking off from Charleroi, this is old history: those who have registered online can use automatic kiosks and print the necessary labels in less than 10 seconds. This saves a lot of time and reduces the stress associated with waiting times. Vacationers can plan more accurately and comfortably their visit to the airport.

The principle is very simple: after registering online on the TUI website or application, the passengers need to scan their digital boarding pass and indicate the desired number of labels. Once the tag is attached to the bag, holidaymakers can leave their luggage on the band provided for this purpose, and thus go safely to the security check.

After two months of operation, TUI notes that the kiosks are mainly used during rush hour at the airport, between 04:00 and 11:00, mainly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, when queues at the counters are important.

This pilot project was set up in collaboration with Charleroi Airport. An evaluation will be made after 6 months in order to further develop the project.

August 12, 2019


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