Why OO-JNL had to fly a modified (and longer) flight plan over the Atlantic Ocean


Last week, TUI fly Belgium passengers and crew had to fly just a little longer than usual between Santa Domingo, Montego Bay, Miami and Brussels Airport. Reason? due to an oil indication on their Boeing 767 (OO-JNL) the ETOPS certification1 for the 767 was temporarily restricted. Since the Boeing had to fly closer to an alternative airport, the flight routes were adjusted. With longer flight times as a result: up to 2 hours and 50 minutes longer than usual.

Brussels Airport – Santa Domingo ETOPS (9 hours and 7 minutes) – 18 February 2018

Brussels Airport – Santa Domingo ETOPS restricted (11 hours and 57 minutes) – 21 February 2018


Montego Bay – Brussels ETOPS (8 hours and 59 minutes) – 18 February 2018


Montego Bay – Brussels ETOPS restricted (10 hours and 45 minutes) – 22 February 2018


1 There are different levels of ETOPS certification, which are the only aircraft flying time away from the nearest suitable airport. fly any route not more than 180 minutes single-engine flying time to the nearest suitable airport. Visit wikipedia ETOPS for more information about ETOPS certification.


  1. Longer times on that terrible aircraft? Poor passengers having to endure such a trip on one of the only 767s in the world with a 2-4-2 seating arrangement when a normal 767 has 2-3-2. You see how sardines feel like?

  2. Still….in all honesty…even with the 2-4-2 seating in economy it has the highest seatpitch and width in economy class on long-haul if you compare with other Belgian carriers.
    More than SN A330 and certainly more than future Air Belgium A340…


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