National strike on 13 February in Belgium: TUI fly Belgium diverts flights to France and The Netherlands

© Boeing and TUI Fly Belgium

Belgian trade unions have called a national strike on 13 February after disagreement on a framework wage agreement for the next two years. The Christian, socialist and liberal unions are unhappy with the decision by the Central Council for Business to limit wage increases to a mere 0.8% in addition to the automatic index rise to compensate for inflation.

On that day, TUI fly Belgium will divert all flights originally scheduled to and from Belgian airports to France and The Netherlands. Passengers will be bussed to and from these alternate airports.

Originally, the airline planned 36 flights to and from Belgian airports. “We won’t cancel our flights, but we are diverting them to airports like Lille Airport and Paris Orly in France and to the Dutch airports of Maastricht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam,” TUI spokeswoman Sarah Saucin explains, “currently, we are contacting and advising all our customers that were expected to travel to and from Belgium on 13 February.

National strike on 13 February in Belgium: serious impact on air traffic


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