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Jetairfly, the first Belgian airline with ISO 14001 certification

The blue fleet is the greenest in Belgium

Jetairfly is the Belgian airline whose ecological footprint is the lowest in the country. For this reason, it has received ISO 14001 certification after the independent office Veritas has conducted a thorough review of the environmental management system conducted by the company. Jetairfly is the only Belgian airline with an ISO 14001.

The environmental Certification Office Veritas conducted the audit on the documented system of environmental management, with concrete goals and their proper application in practice. The project was faced with the reality, with audits on the workplace and during flight operations.

Jetairfly has five priority areas in its sustainability policy:

Waste: reducing and sorting waste, both on aircraft and in offices. This may seem surprising, but sorting the waste from Catering, PMC and paper, as Jetairfly practices on board of its aircraft, is still not a standard procedure in aviation.

CO2 emissions: lower CO2 emissions from air operations with flight procedures and appropriate manuals (fly with less weight, at the right altitude and a correct speed, and this in a variable manner, depending on weather conditions). Positive impact of the renewal of the fleet with the most modern technologies and structural adaptations (winglets and split scimitar winglets; see below).

Mobility: low power consumption and CO2 emissions as much as possible while travelling between home and the workplace (public transport, carpooling, cycling) and service vehicles (electric Jetairfly cars at Brussels Airport since Spring 2014).

Paper: Paper consumption reduction, both for ground services and in the cockpit of the aircraft (electronic manuals for the pilots on laptop or tablet).

Energy: the lowest possible energy consumption in the new Jetairport building, natural cooling tower for air conditioning in the Jetairport, energy saving measures in air operations (see above, CO2 emissions).

Since its inception in 2004, the company has focused on sustainability
• Focus: weight reduction, fuel consumption and low emissions, the latest procedures and technologies.
• The sole Belgian airline with new aircraft right out of the factory (14 out of a fleet of 21).
• The youngest fleet of our country, average age 4.7 years = the most modern technologies, quieter aircraft, lower CO2 emissions.
• Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the most modern commercial aircraft, the lowest ecological footprint (December 13).
• Boeing 737 equipped with Split Scimitar Winglets contribute to further reduce emissions by 2% (October 14).

Press release, Zaventem, March 20, 2015


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