Jetairfly in summer 2015: Dreamliner also to Miami, new destination Thessaloniki


Expanding opportunities for flights from regional airports
Direct flights Brussels-Miami also on board of the Dreamliner
New Fly Deluxe formula: book more service

Jetairfly is the only airline that has deliberately chosen to offer flights from all five Belgian airports. One of its distinguishing features is to offer travellers the opportunity to go on vacation from an airport close to home.

Brussels Airport71 Jetairfly destinations11 Jetairfly aircraft positioned
Brussels South Charleroi Airport23 Jetairfly destinations4 Jetairfly planes positioned
Liege Airport16 Jetairfly destinations1 Jetairfly aircraft positioned
Ostend-Bruges Airport14 Jetairfly destinations1.5 Jetairfly plane positioned
Antwerp Airport6 Jetairfly destinations0.5 Jetairfly plane positioned

New: Antwerp becomes the fifth Belgian airport in the Jetairfly network

Antwerp-Palma2x per week, Monday and Thursdayfrom € 59.99 per person
Antwerp Malaga2x per week, Tuesday and Fridayfrom € 59.99 per person
Antwerp Alicante2x per week, Thursday and Saturdayfrom € 59.99 per person
Antwerp-Berlin (Tegel)3x per week, Mon / Wed / Satfrom € 29.99 per person
Antwerp-Milan (Malpensa)3x a week Tuesday / Friday / Sundayfrom € 29.99 per person
Antwerp Barcelona3x a week, Wednesday / Friday / Sundayfrom € 29.99 per person

New: increase in the number of flights from Ostend airport

Ostend-Barcelona3x a week, Wednesday / Friday / Sundayfrom € 29.99 per person
Ostend-Alicanteincreases from 3 to 4 flights per weekfrom € 49.99 per person
OstendMalagaincreases from 2 to 3 flights per weekfrom € 49.99 per person
Ostend-Palmaincreases from 2 to 3 flights per weekfrom € 49.99 per person
OstendTenerifeincreases from 2 to 3 flights per weekfrom € 99.99 per person
OstendRhodesincreases from 1 to 2 flights per weekfrom € 99.99 per person

With its range of flights to Antwerp and Ostend, Jetairfly addresses various passenger target groups:
Travelers who have booked a holiday package in a tourist destination
Travelers who booked a ticket to a holiday destination or destination city trip
Travelers who have booked a Jetair city trip
The business and VFR travelers (visiting friends and relatives”)
Travelers who take off from foreign airports to visit Antwerp and Ostend. Jetairfly wants to play a active role in tourism in the Flemish art cities.

The introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner” Belgian boosts travel to the Caribbean in 2014

Starting in May, flights to Miami will be aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner”

The introduction of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner” in Belgium one year ago boosted the Caribbean tour bookings. Last year, exotic destinations have experienced the strongest growth, says the ABTO trade association. With the Dominican Republic in mind, the entire Belgian travel market recorded 27.1% more vacation package bookings this summer. 

Jetairfly recorded this summer over 50% more bookings for the Dominican Republic, and altogether 30% more to its destinations in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica).

From May,  Jetairfly will also offer the comfort of the Dreamliner (more space, less noise in the cabin, best entertainment on board ) to the passengers of the direct flights from Brussels to Miami. Since Easter 2014, this new route has greatly increased interest in Miami and Florida. With the help of the Dreamliner, Jetairfly expects more growth in 2015. In this context, Jetairfly will work with its Dutch sister Arke, which received its second Dreamliner last week.

BRU-Punta Cana (Rep. Dom.)4x a week, Tue-WedSatSunfrom € 249.99 per person
BRU-Santo Domingo (Rep. Dom.)2x a week, Tuesdays and Sundaysfrom € 249.99 per person
BRU-Cancun (Mexico)2x a week, Monday and Fridayfrom € 249.99 per person
BRU-Varadero (Cuba)2x a week, Monday and Fridayfrom € 249.99 per person
BRU-Montego Bay (Jamaica)2x a week, Wednesday and Saturdayfrom € 249.99 per person
BRU-Miami (Florida)2x a week, Tuesday and Saturdayfrom € 199.99 per person

New Fly Deluxe formula: book more service

If you are travelling as part of a vacation package with Jetairfly, you can carry 20 kg of registered baggage. It also includes a meal service with breakfast, a snack or a hot meal, depending on the time of your flight, including soft drinks, coffee or tea. Alcoholic drinks are served for a fee. For children, a suitable and attractive meal is offered.

New for Summer 2015 Fly Deluxe Formula. It allows you to further enhance your flying experience. The package includes: registration at a separate counter in Brussels Airport, the Fast lane (security control) in Brussels and Charleroi, champagne on the plane, a Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe meal with a small bottle of wine or a beer, a Belgian newspaper of the day on the return flight, 5 kg of additional checked baggage and 10 kg hand luggage, a seat at the front of the plane.

Jetair travelers can book the new service for a fee of 40 euros. This service is available if you travel via Brussels, Charleroi, Ostend and Antwerp.
If you book a flight only on you can book the standard meal service for 9 euros per person and the Fly Deluxe formula for 49 euros per person.

More new routes

Charleroi Tlemcen (Algeria)1x week Thursdayfrom € 49.99 per person
Charleroi-Constantine (Algeria)1x week Tuesdayfrom € 49.99 per person
Brussels Thessaloniki (Halkidiki / Greece)2x per week, Monday to Fridayfrom € 69.99 per person


Jetairfly press release, 17 December 2014 – Translation A. Orban



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