Jetairfly in Winter 2015-16: new routes from Antwerp and Ostend to Rome, more Florida flights


New: Rome from Antwerp and Ostend

The new summer routes that Jetairfly offers from Antwerp and Ostend are extended next winter. For the 1st time in winter, Jetairfly will connect Ostend and Antwerp with Barcelona. A new destination will be available from both airports: Rome (booking available soon).

Ostend – Alicante ………3x per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday ……..from 69.99 euros / person
Ostend – Malaga ……….2x a week, Tuesday and Friday ………..….. from 69.99 euros / person
Ostend – Tenerife ………4x a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ………… from 109.99 euros / person
Ostend – Gran Canaria …2x per week, Mondays and Saturdays …………….from 109.99 euros / person
Ostend – Barcelona ……3x per week, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ……from 29.99 euros / person
New: Ostend – Rome. 3x per week on Monday, Thursday, Saturday ………from 29.99 euros / person
Antwerp – Malaga …….. 2x a week, Tuesday and Friday …………………from 59.99 euros / person
Antwerp – Alicante …….2x per week, Monday and Saturday …………..from 59.99 euros / person
Antwerp – Berlin (Tegel) ….3x per week on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday  …… from 29.99 euros / person
Antwerp – Barcelona ……3x per week, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ……from 29.99 euros / person
New: Antwerp – Rome … 3x per week on Monday, Thursday, Saturday ……from 29.99 euros / person




The Caribbean, exotic destinations of winter; increased capacity to Florida

Jetairfly offers the only long-haul program from Brussels to the Caribbean which remain a safe bet for anyone looking for winter warmth and exoticism. 

Jetairfly’s capacity to Florida is increased by one third, because this route will no longer operated in combination with TUI Nederland. This also has the advantage that there is no reverse rotation. The direct Saturday flight (Brussels-Miami-Brussels) will leave on Saturday with arrival in Brussels on Sunday. The Tuesday flight combines Brussels-Sanford-Miami-Brussels, departs on Tuesday and arrives on Wednesday in Brussels.

The new order Sanford-Miami offers two advantages. Firstly it allows 2 direct flights for passengers who wish to combine the Orlando theme parks with a beach holiday in Miami. Then it means that the immigration check (always performed in the first airport of entry in the US) will be held in Sanford airport where there are fewer people.


In addition to the Belgian Jetairfly operations to the Caribbean, we also support our Dutch sister company Arkefly. In combination with their 7 flights a week aboard a Dreamliner from Amsterdam and two additional flights from Eindhoven, we present a holiday offer in Aruba and Curaçao.

Formula Fly Deluxe: more service

As part of a package holiday with Jetairfly, you can carry 20 kg of baggage. A meal service is included with breakfast, snack or warm meal, depending on the time of flight, including soft drinks, coffee or tea. For children, we provide an appropriate and fun meal. Alcoholic drinks are available for a fee.

Next winter too, we offer Formula Fly Deluxe, which increases the travel comfort.

It includes: separate check-in counter in Brussels Airport, fast lane (security control) in Brussels and Charleroi, champagne on board, a meal of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, including wine or beer, the free soft drinks with meals, the Belgian daily newspaper on the return flight, 25 kg  registered and 10 kg carry-on luggage, a seat at the front of the plane.

This service can be booked by Jetair travellers for an extra 40 euros each way. This service is available for those flying from Brussels, Charleroi, Ostend and Antwerp, on all destinations of Jetairfly and Freebird, except for long-haul destinations and Cape Verde.

The people who only book an air ticket on can book the standard meal service for 9 euros per person each way. They can also choose the formula Fly Deluxe for 49 euros per person each way.

Press release July 2, 2015


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