Inoperative cargo door seal grounds TUI Fly Belgium’s Dreamliner

This morning one of the cargo door seals on OO-JDL, TUI Fly Belgium’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner wasn’t working properly. The flight was expected to take-off at 7:00 this morning for Cuba and Mexico but the airline was forced to cancel the flight. According to spokesman Piet Demeyere 286 passengers got affected.

As a spare part was not available the airline called other airlines with a Dreamliner in its fleet. Unfortunately the other airlines couldn’t help TUI fly Belgium either. A spare part must now be flown in directly from the Boeing Everett Factory.

After hours of searching TUI Fly Belgium found a replacement aircraft, tomorrow (1 July) at 15:00 a TUI Fly Netherlands Boeing 787 Dreamliner will bring the stranded passengers to Cuba and Mexico. Those passengers will be notified in due time and are currently staying overnight in a hotel.

On Saturday at 09:50 a Vamos Air Boeing 747 (EC-KSM) is scheduled to Punta Cana as TB601

Jetairfly Boeing 787 Dreamliner - OO-JDL - copyright Wim Peeters
Jetairfly Boeing 787 Dreamliner – OO-JDL – copyright Wim Peeters


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