If a flight has been cancelled for the corona crisis, TUI Belgium gives a choice between a voucher and a refund to customers who have reserved only a plane ticket


For customers who have bought only one plane ticket and whose flight has been or will be cancelled by TUI following the coronavirus crisis, TUI Belgium has decided to offer the possibility of being reimbursed for the price of the ticket. Until now, TUI offered a voucher in accordance with the legal Belgian regulations (but against the EU regulations) in force in the tourism sector for package holidays. This voucher is valid for one year, after which TUI reimburses the customer if it has not used the voucher for the purchase of another flight.

As soon as the process necessary for the reimbursement of air tickets will be implemented (normally in a few weeks) the customer will have a choice. He can opt either for a voucher or for a refund of the ticket price. Customers who have already received a TUI voucher following the cancellation of their flight after the start of the coronavirus crisis will be able to request a cash refund retroactively.

As soon as it is possible to submit reimbursement requests, TUI will communicate widely on how to proceed. In the meantime, the tour operator asks its customers to be patient so that they can give priority to the files of customers who are going on vacation shortly.

This new option only applies to customers who have booked an airline ticket only. Vacationers who have booked package holidays continue to receive a voucher.