For Summer 2022 TUI fly Belgium resumes the Summer 2021 programme in full and adds 4 new destinations


The airline TUI fly Belgium launches its flight programme for the summer of 2022. It resumes all the destinations of last year, supplemented by four new destinations: Havana, Aruba, Zadar and Ohrid. Furthermore, TUI is convinced that Avignon, Larnaca, Karpathos and Pula, the four destinations scheduled for the first time last year, will also be very successful this year.

Needless to say, 2021, like the previous year, was an extremely difficult year for the entire airline industry. TUI fly believes in a new dynamic for this year and is launching its offer for the summer of 2022 with, once again, all the destinations of the summer of 2021. Four new destinations have been added to the program:

  • Havana (Cuba): from January 7 to October 28, one flight per week (on Fridays)
  • Aruba (Netherlands Antilles): from April 23 to October 23, one flight per week (Sundays)
  • Ohrid (North Macedonia): from May 13 to September 13, two flights per week (Monday and Friday)
  • Zadar (Croatia): from April 23 to October 1, two flights per week (Wednesday and Saturday)

A year ago, TUI fly also offered 4 new destinations. It offers them again and firmly believes in their success in 2022:

  • Avignon (France – departing from Antwerp) from June 17 to October 3, two flights per week (Monday and Friday, ideal for a long weekend)
  • Larnaca (Cyprus) from April 3 to October 30, two flights per week (Thursday and Sunday)
  • Pula (Croatia) from April 23 to October 1, two flights per week (Wednesday and Saturday)
  • Karpathos (Greece) from April 30 to October 11, two flights per week (Tuesday and Saturday)

In total, the airline will offer 95 destinations and 168 routes. It will fly from all the usual airports: Brussels, Ostend, Antwerp, Charleroi, Liège (Belgium) and Lille (France).



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