Details on TUI fly Belgium operations during the national strike of 13 February


Here is some additional information on the arrangements made by tour operator TUI and airline TUI fly Belgium following the national strike of tomorrow, February 13, 2019.

The airline TUI fly will not cancel any flights but will divert all planned flights this Wednesday to the airports of Lille, Paris Orly, Maastricht, Eindhoven or Amsterdam. All travellers concerned (whether they take off or land on this day) are informed by SMS of the practical information and new schedules relating to their flight.

The strike will impact 36 flights of TUI fly, more than 5000 passengers. The tour operator TUI and the airline TUI fly will set up 100 buses that will bring passengers to the alternative airports.

For passengers departing from Brussels or Charleroi, TUI fly has scheduled an appointment at Heysel (Brussels Expo), Parking T (Impératrice Charlotte Avenue at 1020 Brussels).

For passengers departing from Ostend, Antwerp or Liège, the meeting point is the respective airport car park itself. From there, passengers will be transported by coach to foreign airports.

A bus transfer is also planned for Belgians returning to the country who will land in the alternative airports.

TUI fly makes every effort to allow passengers to leave as quickly as possible. Additional staff is planned to strengthen the service to our customers day and night.


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