Belgian stylist David Jeanmotte stuck in Munich after emergency landing of his TUIfly plane as he was flying to Egypt to join the Miss Belgium candidates


An eventful start to the day for Belgian stylist David Jeanmotte. As he was leaving this Monday morning for Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on a TUIfly flight to join the Miss Belgium contestants, he experienced an emergency landing in Munich, Germany, as reported by Belgian newspaper La DH.

According to the passenger, a fire broke out in the luggage compartment. “While we were flying, the captain announced that we were going to land urgently, we saw the flight attendants get busy, put away all the bags that were lying around, and we felt the plane sting seriously. There was no panic on board but we did not know exactly what was happening, and once on the ground we saw the firefighters, and smoke was coming out of the cargo bay.”

We are currently in the bus to reach the airport“, announces David Jeanmotte from Munich. “We do not know yet how things will unfold, how they will organise so we can get our luggage and be put back on another flight.” The day will, therefore, be longer than expected.

A spokesman for Munich airport said that around 08:00 the pilots sounded the alarm and asked for a special landing right. “We closed the southern runway at 8:06. The aircraft landed safely and rolled on the apron,” reports the spokesman.

During the 20-minute closure of the runway, all take-offs and landings were handled via the northern runway. Not only the airport fire brigade moved in, but also civil protection forces of the fire brigade and the Bavarian Red Cross from the district of Erding. However, they did not have to intervene.

Sarah Saucin, a spokeswoman for TUIfly Belgium, explained to that the aircraft was an Airbus A320 (reg. ES-SAT) wet-leased from SmartLynx Estonia, with destination Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada on flight number TB3141 from Brussels South Charleroi. TUIfly will send another aircraft from Brussels to pick up the 179 passengers in Munich and bring them to their final destination.

UPDATE: A TUIfly Belgium replacement aircraft (Boeing 737-800 registered OO-JLO) departed Munich about 7 hours after ES-SAT had landed and is currently en-route to Sharm el-Sheikh.

The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground in Munich for about 5.5 hours, then positioned back to Brussels South Charleroi.


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