The airports of Miami and Orlando are closed for hurricane Irma; 212 TUI Fly Belgium passengers stranded in Florida

This morning the airports of Miami and Orlando have decided to suspend operations as hurricane Irma is approaching the state of Florida. TUI Fly Belgium was forced to cancel today’s flight from Brussels to Miami (TB623) and subsequently the return flight leaving 212 passengers stranded in Florida.

TUI Fly Belgium spokesman Piet Demeyere explains to “Last-minute we had to cancel our flight to Miami, a special request to divert to Orlando-Sanford was denied by the authorities as that airport also shut down. It’s a very complex situation and we are doing are utmost to help the stranded passengers.” Due to hurricane Irma TUI Fly Belgium’s return flight is expected only next Tuesday as Orlando-Sanford reopens. For this weekend Miami airport has suspended all flights.


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