A TUI fly Belgium aircraft returns twice the same day to its Brussels base due to technical problems


Bad luck for TUI fly Belgium’s Boeing 737-800 registered OO-JAF: yesterday (8 August) it returned twice to Brussels Airport after flying hundreds of kilometres due to technical problems.

On its first flight of the day, TB2341 from Brussels to the Greek island of Rhodes, the Boeing 737-800 painted in Family Life colours took off at 06:32 and reached Eastern Switzerland near Davos before making a U-turn and coming back to Brussels, where it landed two hours after leaving the capital.

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Another Boeing 737-800 registered OO-TUV took the passengers to their final destination with a delay of 8 hours.

OO-JAF was scheduled for another flight the same day: TB2951 from Brussels to Tirana, Albania, at 16:45. The Boeing took off late at 18:01, probably due to the problems encountered during its previous flight. However, again above Switzerland near Zurich, it veered back in the direction of Brussels, where it landed one and a half hours after departure (picture below).

TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737-800 OO-JAF returning to Brussels on flight TB2951 © Aviation24.be
© Flightradar24

The passengers were transferred to another Boeing 737-800 registered OO-TNC and arrived in the Albanian capital at 02:45, seven hours late.

Sarah Saucin, a spokeswoman for TUI fly, told Aviation24.be that the two diversions were due to technical problems, without giving further details.





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