Exactly 15 years ago, Jetairfly (now TUI fly Belgium) was launched


Exactly 15 years ago, on Thursday 18 March 2004, people were preparing the official launch of Jetairfly (at that time it was called TUI Airlines Belgium, which is still its official name now, although it operates now as TUI fly Belgium) and its presentation to the press, travel agents and guests. 

The original plans were to operate two aircraft, but after charter company Sobelair (home carrier for Jetair) ceased its operations, Jetairfly started its operations with 5 aircraft.

Today, TUI fly Belgium has a fleet of 33 aircraft (17 Boeing 737-800s, 5 Boeing 737-700s, 4 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, 4 Embraer E190s, 1 Boeing 737-300ER and 2 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners), operating in a network of 180 routes to more than 100 airports in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Africa and the United States. That makes it the second-largest Belgian airline and the one with the most recent fleet.

The airline’s home base is Brussels Airport, but flights are also operated from other Belgian bases like Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Liege Airport, Ostend-Bruges International Airport, Antwerp Airport, as well as Lille Airport in France (*). TUI fly Belgium operates also from several bases in France and in Morocco.

TUI fly Belgium is part of the TUI Group, the largest tour operator in the world.

Back in 2004, a video was presented, a nice celebration and a trip down memory lane:

(*) based on the latest available information


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