TUI’s new Boeing 737 MAX 8 is called „Kittilä“

  • New planes of the group are becoming ambassadors for holiday regions
  • Santa Claus named the TUI plane at Kittilä airport
  • Kittilä in the north-finish region of Lapland is one of the favourite winter holiday destinations for TUI guests

Every year, 21 million tourists travel all around the world with TUI. The tourism group has a presence in over 100 tourist destinations. TUI has a longstanding cooperative relationship with holiday destinations and host countries. And now TUI would like to emphasise this partnership. To this end, the company is naming its new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft with the names of the destinations. TUI’s planes will from now on serve as ambassadors for these regions.

Finland is not only an important source market for TUI but at the same time is also a destination for it. The Region of Lapland in northern Finland is a favourite holiday destination for TUI customers in the winter season. As a result, TUI decided the city of Kittilä in Lapland to give its name to the fourth of a total of 72 new planes ordered. TUI Airways’ Boeing 737 MAX 8 with identification G-TUMA was today named “Kittilä” at Finavia Kittilä Airport.

As the Region is famous for being the home of Santa Claus, he was chosen by TUI as the Godfather of the name giving ceremony and conducted the name giving act. The guests at the name giving ceremony at Kittilä Airport were the TUI partner company Lapland Safari, representatives of Lapland tourism associations, TUI’s hotel partners and business partners in Lapland as well as local media.

Santa Claus: “This was a very special moment for me. I love my home region Lapland and the people here, as much as I love all people everywhere in the world. I feel proud of the fact that the name of Kittilä is now carried by this aircraft of TUI and that it will become the ambassador to Lapland. Aeroplanes bring people together and make beautiful memories possible. I wish all passengers of the ‘Kittilä’ to always take home many beautiful memories and moments of happiness from their travels. I wish to all people Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Aage Dünhaupt, Head of Communication and PR TUI Aviation: “Tourism brings people and cultures together. Our aircraft are part of the travel experience and the connecting element to many regions around the globe and so it is also to the Region of Lapland here in Finland. Our aircraft are a symbol of our association. Lapland is a favourite holiday destination for our customers in the winter season. We have an excellent relationship with local hotel partners here, are represented with our partner agency Lapland Safari and our local colleagues from TUI are doing a great job in ensuring our customers a great holiday in this wonderful holiday destination.”

The 737 MAX 8, compared to previous TUI fly aircraft of this size, have a 20 per cent lower fuel consumption and thus generate 20 per cent fewer CO2 emissions. Their noise level is also 40 per cent lower, which also contributes to the group’s sustainability objectives. TUI Group has set itself the goal of operating Europe’s lowest-emission airlines by 2020.


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