High crude oil price also affects air travel: travel group TUI adds fuel surcharge


The evolution in crude oil price has an effect on travelers as tour operators are adding a fuel surcharge on tickets. As a result, a holiday/flight can become much more expensive.

Early 2000s, the fuel surcharge was introduced globally by tour operators and airlines. The surcharge is based on various factors, such as flight distance, transfer flight, and so on.

Traveling via tour operator TUI has already become more expensive, Belgian newspapers De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad report. For shorter flights, like Spain, Turkey and Morocco, the ticket price increased €20 on average. For longer flights, such as to the Caribbean or Mexico, the amount increases even more: up to €350 for a family with two children.

The surcharge applies to all TUI flights from January 2022 and to all bookings that are currently made for the period before that. Passengers who have already booked a trip may therefore be presented with an extra invoice. If you do not want to run the risk of higher prices, you can freeze the price of a package holiday via the TUI “Fuel Protection Program”.


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