Trigana Air Service Boeing 737 freighter suffers damage to left wing during botched landing


On 28 July, a Trigana Air Service Boeing 737-300 freighter (registered PK-YSZ) operated a domestic flight between Jayapura-Sentani Airport and Wamena Airport, Indonesia. During landing at Wamena Airport, however, the aircraft suffered damage to the outer flap fairing on the left-hand wing and the left-hand wing tip during what appears to be a botched landing. 

A video of the aircraft appearing from a low cloud ceiling and making its approach towards the runway appeared on social media. After the incident, the airport remained operational.

The local aviation authorities have launched an investigation into the mishap.

Following pictures and footage appeared first on website Harris Dirgantara Internasional.

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It’s not the first mishap with the airline as early 2020, another company Boeing 737-300 freighter received serious undercarriage damage in a runway excursion on landing at Jayapura-Sentani Airport. The four crew members escaped without injuries.



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