Trigana Air Boeing 737 freighter makes hard landing at Wamena Airport, Indonesia (2016)


On 13 September 2016, a Trigana Air Boeing 737-300 freighter (registered PK-YSY) was operating domestic flight IL-7321 from Sentani Airport, Jayapura to Wamena Airport, Indonesia. During a hard landing on runway 15 at Wamena Airport, the aircraft broke both main gears. The Boeing 737 slid to a stop on the runway, coming to rest partially on the grass. Nobody was hurt.

The accident was unfortunately not the first and certainly not the last accident by the Indonesian carrier. To date, website logged a total of 17 serious incidents, 12 of which resulted in hull loss, making it one of the unsafest airlines in the world.

Trigana Air Service Boeing 737 freighter suffers damage to left wing during botched landing

Trigana Air Boeing 737-300 receives damage to its undercarriage during runway excursion



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