Travel Service becomes A4E’s newest member  

  • Leading charter and leisure carrier joins largest European airline association.

  • A4E grows membership base in Eastern Europe.

Airlines for Europe continues to attract new members, with Travel Service joining Europe’s largest airline association. Based in Prague, Travel Service is the biggest Czech airline company and operates regular flights under the SmartWings brand as well as charter flights and private flights in the business jet segment. Travel Service also operates subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

“We are looking forward to joining Airlines for Europe, having carefully analysed which association could best represent the interests of a growing leisure and charter carrier who is also offering a vast portfolio of scheduled flights. Even as a new association in Brussels, A4E already has a proven track record of successfully working on important policy issues that have a direct impact on an airline’s ability to operate efficiently, securely, safely and profitably. Travel Service will gladly join forces with Europe’s leading airlines to ensure that EU policy will contribute to the competitiveness of the European air transport sector,” said Roman Vik , General Director of Travel Service.

“Adding Travel Service to our member base clearly shows that A4E is the most attractive airline association in Brussels, continuing on its path to represent the European airline community, regardless of its airlines’ business models.  A4E has an important mission in representing the views of European airlines, as we have seen when the European Commission recently presented its ‘Open and Connected Europe’ report. Air transport and European air passengers need a strong voice in Brussels and the Member States,” said Thomas Reynaert, A4E’s Managing Director.



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