The list of destinations relaunched by Brussels Airlines, with starting date and frequency


On 25 May, Brussels Airlines announced that it would relaunch 59 destinations between 15 June and 31 August.

Jim Liu, of Routesonline, checked the booking systems and compiled the list of destinations together with their starting date and frequency.

Brussels Airlines June – August 2020

European operations as of 04JUN20

Brussels Airlines last week filed planned European operation between June and August 2020, as the airline set to resume scheduled passenger service on 15JUN20. The Star Alliance carrier plans to operate following European routes from 15JUN20, although planned operation remains subject to change, pending on various travel restrictions.

Brussels – Alicante eff 16JUN20 3 weekly (4 weekly from 07JUL20)
Brussels – Athens eff 18JUN20 3 weekly (4 weekly from 17JUL20, 5 from 23JUL20)
Brussels – Barcelona eff 16JUN20 3 weekly (5 weekly from 22JUN20, 1 daily from 29JUN20
Brussels – Berlin Tegel eff 15JUN20 5 weekly (6 weekly from 22JUN20, 1 daily from 29JUN20, 10 weekly from 31JUL20)
Brussels – Bilbao eff 01JUL20 4 weekly
Brussels – Budapest eff 15JUN20 4 weekly (5 weekly from 29JUN20)
Brussels – Catania eff 20JUN20 2 weekly
Brussels – Copenhagen eff 15JUN20 4 weekly (5 weekly from 29JUN20, 6 weekly from 07JUL20)
Brussels – Dubrovnik eff 27JUN20 2 weekly
Brussels – Faro eff 16JUN20 3 weekly (4 weekly from 12JUL20)
Brussels – Florence eff 01JUL20 3 weekly
Brussels – Geneva eff 22JUN20 5 weekly (1 daily from 29JUN20, 10 weekly from 14JUL20, 11 weekly from 09AUG20)
Brussels – Gran Canaria eff 04JUL20 2 weekly
Brussels – Hamburg eff 01JUL20 6 weekly
Brussels – Ibiza eff 30JUN20 2 weekly
Brussels – Irakleion 
eff 01JUL20 5 weekly
Brussels – Kos eff 04JUL20 1 weekly
Brussels – Kos – Rhodes – Brussels eff 07JUL20 1 weekly
Brussels – Lisbon eff 15JUN20 6 weekly (4 weekly from 22JUN20)
Brussels – Ljubljana eff 03JUL20 3 weekly
Brussels – London Heathrow eff 22JUN20 4 weekly (6 weekly from 29JUN20, 10 weekly from 09JUL20, 11 weekly from 08AUG20)
Brussels – Lyon eff 22JUN20 5 weekly (1 daily from 29JUN20)
Brussels – Madrid eff 15JUN20 3 weekly (4 weekly from 01JUL20, 6 weekly from 14JUL20)
Brussels – Milan Malpensa eff 22JUN20 5 weekly  (1 daily from 29JUN20)
Brussels – Malaga eff 18JUN20 3 weekly(4 weekly from 29JUN20, 5 weekly from 12JUL20)
Brussels – Manchester eff 01JUL20 4 weekly
Brussels – Marseille eff 15JUN20 3 weekly (4 weekly from 02JUL20)
Brussels – Naples eff 21JUN20 3 weekly
Brussels – Nice eff 16JUN20 5 weekly
Brussels – Oslo eff 01JUL20 4 weekly
Brussels – Palermo eff 05JUL20 1 weekly
Brussels – Palma Mallorca eff 01JUL20 3 weekly
Brussels – Paris CDG eff 22JUN20 4 weekly (1 daily from 29JUN20)
Brussels – Porto eff 17JUN20 4 weekly
Brussels – Prague eff 15JUN20 4 weekly
Brussels – Rhodes eff 04JUL20 1 weekly
Brussels – Rome eff 15JUN20 3-4 weekly (4 weekly from 29JUN20, 6 weekly from 06JUL20)
Brussels – Stockholm Bromma eff 01JUL20 2 weekly (4 weekly from 06JUL20)
Brussels – Tenerife South eff 04JUL20 3 weekly
Brussels – Toulouse eff 01JUL20 6 weekly
Brussels – Venice eff 16JUN20 3 weekly (6 weekly from 02JUL20)
Brussels – Vienna eff 15JUN20 3 weekly (6 weekly from 01JUL20)
Brussels – Vilnius eff 01JUL20 3 weekly
Brussels – Warsaw eff 01JUL20 3 weekly
Brussels – Yerevan eff 27JUN20 1 weekly

This list does not include codeshared flights. CEO Dieter Vranckx said at the press conference of 5 June that, for business destinations like Vienna and with the help of sister airlines, Brussels Airlines would try to provide flights in the morning and in the evening, enabling business people to make day returns. E.g. a traveller would fly BRU-VIE with Brussels Airlines in the morning and return VIE-BRU with Austrian Airlines in the evening.

Intercontinental operations as of 04JUN20

By Jim Liu

Brussels Airlines last week filed planned operational schedule between June and August 2020, as the airline resumes operation on 15JUN20. For Intercontinental service, the airline will be offering following routes with reduced frequencies. Planned operation remains subject to change, due to various travel restrictions.

Brussels – Accra – Abidjan – Brussels eff 06AUG20 1 weekly A330-300
Brussels – Banjul – Dakar – Brussels eff 22JUN20 2 weekly A330-300 (3 weekly from 03JUL20, 4 weekly from 15JUL20)
Brussels – Bujumbura – Entebbe – Brussels eff 09AUG20 1 weekly A330-300
Brussels – Cotonou – Abidjan – Brussels 
eff 02JUL20 2 weekly A330-300
Brussels – Douala – Yaounde – Brussels eff 02JUL20 3 weekly A330-300
Brussels – Hurghada eff 28JUN20 3 weekly A320
Brussels – Kigali – Entebbe – Brussels eff 14JUL20 3 weekly A330-300
Brussels – Kinshasa eff 22JUN20 2 weekly A330-300 (3 weekly from 02JUL20, 4 weekly from 09AUG20)
Brussels – Lome – Accra – Brussels eff 13JUL20 3 weekly A330-300
Brussels – Monrovia – Abidjan – Brussels 
eff 29JUN20 2 weekly A330-300
Brussels – New York JFK eff 13JUL20 3 weekly A330-300 (4 weekly from 07AUG20)
Brussels – Tel Aviv eff 25JUN20 3 weekly A319 (4 weekly from 29JUN20)


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