Do you remember? 25 years ago, a Brussels bound TAROM Airbus A310 crashed near the airport of Bucharest

A Belgian expert searches through the debris of the Brussels-bound TAROM Airbus that crashed with the loss of 60 lives, in search for clues into why the plane came down two minutes after take off. 02 April 1985 (Belga)

On 31 March 1995, exactly 25 years ago, a TAROM Airbus A310-324 (YR-LCC) operated flight RO371 between Bucharest, Romania and Brussels, Belgium. Two minutes after take-off from the airport of Bucharest, the aircraft entered into a nose-down dive and crashed near Balote?ti in Romania. 

Investigation of the crash revealed that the faulty auto-throttle reduced the left engine to idle during climb. While this was happening, the captain became incapacitated, leaving the first officer overwhelmed and unable to respond properly to the failure. The crash was the deadliest plane crash in Romania’s history. It was also the deadliest plane crash in TAROM’s operational history.

The aircraft was carrying 49 passengers and 11 crew members. 32 of the passengers were from Belgium, 9 from Romania, three from the United States, two from Spain, one from France, one from Thailand, and one from the Netherlands. All 60 people aboard were killed.

Notice board announcing the flight from Bucharest is cancelled at the Brussels airport. (Belga)

Source: Tarom flight 371 (wikipedia)


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