TAROM Boeing 737 to Bucharest returns to Brussels Airport after engine stall


A Boeing 737-700 (YR-BGG) of the Romanian airline TAROM was forced to return to Brussels Airport 20 minutes into the flight after a failure of the right-hand engine. A loud bang was heard inside the cabin, passenger Bogdan Rares reported on Facebook.

Flight RO372 was still in Belgian airspace when the engine stall occurred. Passenger and journalist Bogdan Rares who was on the flight explains on Facebook:

Our captain is brilliant! At 7000/8000 feet we heard a loud bang, flames coming from the wings. Terribly unpleasant. The captain calmly explained the situation to head back to Brussels.

Note from editor: English based on Facebook translate/google translate. 

In a statement TAROM explained that the Boeing 737-700 took of at 10:26 from Brussels Airport but didn’t continue for Bucharest but returned to Brussels after 20 minutes of flight. An error occurred on one of the engines.

The aircraft landed safely at Brussels, passengers were disembarked, grounded and re-routed on TAROM’s next flight. The priority of TAROM is to provide passengers with safe travel.


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