The new TAP is now fully operational

As reported on 16 November, TAP has a new Board of Directors with the appointment of the new shareholders’ representatives, including those representing Parpública. The new Board includes people with extensive experience of international air transport, who can make a substantial contribution towards the internationalisation that TAP is committed in this new phase.

The Board has an Executive Committee that is made up of Fernando Pinto (Chairman), Trey Urbahn (Chief Commercial Officer) and David Pedrosa (Chief Financial Officer).

TAP’s Management Board (Vice-Presidents) is also now complete, and in addition to Teresa Lopes as Head of Finance, includes Jason Ward, Elton D’Souza and Abílio Martins.

Jason Ward is highly experienced in the North American and Brazilian markets and is going to be responsible for the operational areas (Airports, Operational Control and Flight Operations).

For the past few years, Elton D’Souza has worked for Austrian Airlines and with Swissair before that. He also has experience of Asian markets. He is going to be responsible for Network and Routes and for Revenue Management.

Abílio Martins, who was previously a director of PT Portugal, has experience in the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. He is Head of Marketing, Product, E-commerce and Communications. His knowledge is going to be particularly useful to TAP as it continues to embrace e-commerce.

Luiz Mór has moved from being a Director to the position of Vice-President Commerce, where he will collaborate in the transition of the new team.

Manoel Torres has also moved from being a Director to take up the position of Senior Advisor to the Executive Committee, where he is going to play an important role in passing on the knowledge he acquired in the establishment and operation of the TAP Hub and other operational systems.

Mário Lobato Faria stays on as Vice-President of Maintenance and Engineering.

There are no changes in the various Air Transport Departments either.

In short, TAP has enhanced its ability to respond to the enormous challenges facing it in an increasingly aggressive market, while retaining the knowledge and quality of the managers who have contributed to the Company’s substantial international growth over recent years and has brought in people with international experience who can help strengthen the company in those markets where it is present and to develop in those where there is great growth potential.

TAP’s new structure was presented at a meeting of the Management and Monitoring Committee, where Executive Chairman Fernando Pinto, appealed for the team spirit that will be necessary to tackle new challenges, while noting that it is only by working together (both existing and new team members) that the success everyone seeks can be achieved.



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