TAP increases 12 per cent in offer for the winter


Company starts the new season with operations increase and announces flight reinforcement for Christmas and New Year

TAP Portugal started the current IATA Winter period (October 30) with the increase in offer to some of its Network destinations, including Portugal and Europe as well as the intercontinental sector, which represents an overall growth of 12 per cent over same period last year. Such increase results from the utilization of aircraft with larger seat capacity along with  five per cent increase in flight frequency.  In addition, the company will also reinforce its operations during Christmas and New Year period to those destinations with larger demand.

Amongst the news now introduced the highlight goes to the operations increase to Funchal, Madeira and to Ponta Delgada, Azores, in the domestic sector, with the addition of one daily flight from Lisbon in both cases. Thereby, operations grow to seven dailies to Funchal  and double to twice daily to Ponta Delgada.

In Europe, TAP increases operations departing Lisbon to several destinations, namely to Zurich and Geneva, both growing from 17 to 20 weekly frequencies, as well as Paris, which benefits from flights growing to seven dailies with the addition of one daily.

Frankfurt will from now on see an addition of seven frequencies, growing from 19 to 26 flights a week, five frequencies more than in past Summer, while the offer to Munich grows from 12 to 20 weekly frequencies. Milan will also have an increase in offer, with operations growing from 17 to 20 weeklies, and Barcelona will increase to 38 weekly flights with the addition of six frequencies.

In what concerns the company’s flights departing Porto, regular operations will also expand, namely to Switzerland, growing to two dailies to Zurich, a destination that had one daily both in past Winter and Summer, as well as to Geneva, which will from now on see an addition of four weeklies, thus growing from 10 to 14 direct flights departing Porto. TAP is also reinforcing its offer between Porto and Madrid versus Summer 2016, doubling its operations from one to two daily flights.

The resume of TAP regular operations to Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) is one of the news planned for the Winter within the company’s African network, with flights starting as of December 1st with two weekly frequencies.

Morocco is also one of the African countries with a significant reinforcement in operations, with flights doubling to Casablanca and growing to twice daily, and Marrakech benefiting from the increase to 10 weekly frequencies as of next November 1, 2016.

Operations to Dakar, Senegal also grow from seven to 10 weeklies, while flights to some destinations in Cape Verde are reinforced as well, namely to Sal, Praia and Sao Vicente, which will as of now grow respectively from six to eight weeklies to Sal, from six to 11 weeklies to Praia and from three to four weekly flights to Sao Vicente.

In Brazil, TAP reinforces operations from Lisbon to Sao Paulo – Guarulhos, growing to 14 weekly frequencies departing Lisbon with twice dailies, thus showing an increase of 27 per cent year on year.

In the USA, a market where TAP has been consistently expanding, especially with the start of operations to two new  destinations this past Summer: Boston and New York – JFK, Miami is one of the American destinations which will also see the reinforcement in operations, with TAP increasing to daily services, from three to seven frequencies a week.

For the Christmas and New Year period TAP will also reinforce operations to a number of national and international destinations in order to meet the increase in demand, with the addition of 54 extra flights in the whole, among which are those to operate to Funchal (Madeira) and Terceira (Azores), along with some additional ones to Paris, Luxembourg, Geneva and Zurich as well.

Moreover, TAP also planned the operations reinforcement to a few other international routes, such as Maputo (Mozambique), Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and Salvador (Brazil), those two latter being served with daily flights during this peak period. In what concerns Caracas (Venezuela), TAP will operate two extra flights, on December 15 and January 5, which will also serve Funchal an operate as follows: Funchal/Caracas/Lisbon (DEC. 15) and Lisbon/Funchal/Caracas (JAN. 5).


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