TAP clients increase their loyalty to the company: Victoria Programme gains 14,000 new clients a month in 2015


This month, membership of TAP’s loyalty programme, Victoria, has reached a record 1.7 million clients. From January to June, the average growth was 14,000 new members a month, the result of improvements to the programme and increased client confidence in the company.

The goal now is to achieve 2 million clients, a target we expect to reach soon given the success of the new Step Programme for people aged 12 to 25 step.flytap.com

The current growth pattern is the result of the programme’s growing prestige, which is encouraging new partners to join up and offer improved benefits to its clients. By July 2015 ten new partners from different sectors had joined up (Avianca Brazil, Newsweek, Oásis Atlântico Hotel Group, The Vine Hotel, Quinta do Lorde Hotel, Porto Seguro – Brazilian insurance company – Brodheim Group – representing such labels as Guess, Timberland, Tods, Furla and Burberry – Giovanni Gali, Prosegur and Sweetcare).

The programme now has 144 partners, 32 of which are airlines, with the remainder coming from different sectors.

Forty percent of the Victoria Programme’s clients are Portuguese. 30% are Brazilian with the remainder coming from elsewhere, including France (5%), the United Kingdom (3.5%) and Spain (3.5%).

The growth of the Victoria Programme in 2015 is cause for special satisfaction as it is company’s 70th birthday and a sign of the growing confidence of its clients. It also proves that the decision to give the programme an independent structure, called TAP Loyalty, was correct, as it enables its team to focus on negotiating benefits for its clients and allows it to be more aggressive when launching new campaigns.



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