TAP celebrates one year of Portugal Stopover and shares the news


Launched in the summer of 2016, Portugal Stopover celebrates its first anniversary with several news items that make the programme even more attractive.

As from September, TAP increases the duration of the Stopover to five days instead of three, which means that the Client can choose to have more time to get to know Lisbon and Porto, as well as Madeira, Azores or Algarve, enjoying every advantage that the programme has to offer.

Another new feature is the possibility to enjoy a Stopover in a one-way journey, as it is no longer necessary to book a return flight to take advantage of the Stopover offers.

Also from September on, the Stopover Client will be able to create a multi-destination journey, which means it will be possible to travel from one destination and return from another, with Stopover in one of the locations offered by TAP.

In the first year of existence, Portugal Stopover has brought nearly 70 thousand new tourists to Portugal and has been elected by the American publication Condé Nast Traveler the best Stopover programme in the world.

TAP has launched Portugal Stopover in July 2016, with the purpose of encouraging long-haul TAP Passengers, in transit in Lisbon or Porto, to take advantage of these cities and stay there up to three days, with no extra costs.

Last February, TAP added new destinations to the Stopover programme, allowing Clients coming from any intercontinental flight, with Faro, Ponta Delgada, Terceira, Funchal and Porto Santo as destinations, to enjoy a stay in Lisbon or Porto, with no extra costs. This way, TAP has ensured that all domestic destinations are available to whoever wishes to stopover in Lisbon or Porto.

Portugal Stopover has established a network with over 150 partners, who ensure exclusive prices for Stopover customers in hotels, a free bottle of Portuguese wine in restaurants and free experiences, such as tuk-tuk rides, visits to museums, dolphin watching in the River Sado and food tastings.

One year passed since the Portugal Stopover launch, and in addition to all the news presented above, TAP celebrates the programme’s anniversary with an advertising campaign in Brazil and the USA, in which some of the main Portuguese icons come to life.

In order to make this happen, very soon a new A330-300 aircraft with a very special livery – containing some of the main Portuguese touristic icons – will begin its operation for TAP. For this campaign, which is to be launched in both markets, responsible for 40 per cent of the total of the Stopover Clients to date, the icons will be animated and “be flying” out of the fuselage of the aircraft, coming to life.

TAP currently flies to 84 destinations in 34 countries worldwide, with a measure of 2500 flights per week. This means that, from the USA, Canada and Brazil, TAP Clients can now fly to over 70 destinations, enjoying the Stopover experience.




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