TAP with the best March ever: an increase of 27 per cent over the previous year


Airline rose to 1.016.800 passengers in March (27 per cent over the previous year)

According to the traffic results reported for last month, TAP has posted a 27 per cent growth in the number of passengers carried in its system-wide network, comparing to the same month in the previous year, having reached a total of 1.016.800 passengers, 213.440 more than in march 2016.

This was the best march ever for the Airline, also considering that these numbers do not include the Easter period – in April this year, in March the previous year – which is a traditionally strong period for the operation.

The load factor also has very good results, having reached 79,8 per cent in all the network, some 9,9 p.p. above the same month in 2016.

Considering all sectors of the network, the highlight goes to the US routes, which reported a 168,4 per cent growth in traffic, thus clearly showing the positive results of the Airline’s strategic focus on the North-American market.

The traffic in Brazil routes has also registered a significant increase of the number of passengers carried, marking 33,4 per cent more passengers than in march 2016.

Likewise, Europe has increased its traffic in 19,8 percent, and Africa has registered 49,1 per cent more passengers, both markets having contributed significantly for TAP’s good performance.

The Lisbon/Porto route – Ponte Aérea – which has celebrated a year of existence precisely in march, has registered very positive results, having carried 21.933 more passengers than last year, which means an increase of 63,8 per cent.



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