TAP and Google set up a high-tech partnership to help the airline digitalise its business that much faster


TAP and Google today announced they have begun working together on the airline’s digital progress to maximise client numbers and loyalty in the digital “ecosystem”.

The collaboration is based on three core strategies, which are going to anchor all projects and initiatives for the next three years.

TAP wants to take advantage of online opportunities, increase its sales and consolidate its online booking market share in the countries and on the routes it flies to. TAP wants all potential clients to have a look at what it has to offer when they purchasing tickets on its routes and maximise sales through its own flytap.com channel.

As far as the quality of service is concerned, this partnership aims to contribute towards the development of a holistic view of the customer by maximizing the proactivity in customer service through prospective analysis of the data of the users’ behaviour.

In the long run, the digital investments mean TAP is going to be ready to expand beyond its current client relationships and foster better digital practices. It is striving to be more efficient in positioning and reinforcing the TAP brand across the different markets where it operates and guarantee proper business process automation in the communication, marketing and sales areas.

We are very excited by this announcement. Just like the Portuguese tourism authority – which Google has been successfully working with to promote Portugal as a tourist destination in foreign markets and to help attract more tourists to this country – we hope that this partnership lets TAP capture new clients in all its markets and boosts tourism in Portugal. We expect to help TAP transform digitally, provide better digital practices and offer tools and solutions to help the company innovate its processes to become an even more efficient, innovative enterprise,” Jose Antonio Martínez Aguilar, Country Director Google Spain and Portugal said.

Luiz da Gama Mór, TAP Executive Board Member, said “this collaboration with one of the best-known leaders in global technologies, with its immense knowledge, experience and highly skilled workforce, is going to provide a better return on the investment TAP has made in developing its digital technology. It is going to help us ensure that TAP is at the cutting edge of digital technology.



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