Code-share agreement between TAP and Beijing Capital Airlines extended to include flights to Brazil

Beijing Capital Airlines, code-sharing and in close co-operation with TAP, now offers its clients a wide range of services between China and Brazil. This has been made possible by the allocation of the Chinese airline’s designation code (JD) on selected flights operated by TAP between Portugal and Brazil, with direct connections to Beijing Capital flights between China and Portugal, and which already form part of a code-share agreement reached between the two companies last July.

This extension of the code-share agreement means that the Chinese company is now offering its clients a range of flight options via Lisbon from China to the 10 destinations in Brazil served by TAP.

Consequently, for Beijing Capital Airlines clients, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador and Recife are now much closer and through more convenient connections. We now expect there to be a considerable increase in the number of passengers to and from China using the TAP network and the growth of passengers to or from Brazil using the Beijing Capital network. This will have clear benefits for Portugal as a vehicle for improving mobility between these two extremely important markets and bringing them closer.



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