Tailwind Airlines will carry a total of 320 thousand foreign tourists to Turkey in 2018

Tailwind Airlines Boeing 737-400

Tailwind Airlines realised 1635 flights during the first nine months of the year 2018 and preparing to bring 320 thousand tourists to Turkey until the end of 2018. The airline expects more European tourists in 2019 and aims to increase the number of carried passengers by at least 25% compared to the previous year.

Tailwind Airlines, which was founded in 2009 in order to contribute to Turkey’s tourism and economy, increases the number of passengers carried each year. Tailwind Airlines mainly operates flights from Europe to Turkey, and carried 302 thousand foreign passengers in 2017, when the number of European tourists decreased. The airline is planning to close 2018 by carrying 320 thousand tourists and their 2019 target is to increase the number of passengers compared to the previous year.

“With the new airport, we expect development in the market“

Tailwind Airlines Managing Director Mehmet Bostan, stated that although the Turkish Civil Aviation is improving, it still couldn’t reach the desired level and they expect an improvement with the opening of the New Airport in Istanbul.

Mehmet Bostan, who explained the long and medium-term targets of the company, said:

“Our priority is to contribute to the economy and tourism of our country, which has been living troubled times in many aspects. For this, we continue our flights from many points of  Europe to Turkey. Especially Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and France are the countries where we mainly fly. As of May 2018, we started our flights from Jordan, as well. Instead of an aggressive growth, we will carry out a cautious long-term work. Our goal is to rejuvenate our fleet and also want to exist in different geographies, especially in the winter season.“

“Turkish tourism stands up with tourists from the upper-income level“

When we look at the countries and cities most preferred by tourists, we see that historical and cultural values are brought to the fore’ says Mehmet Bostan, ‘but in Turkey, the preference is to host the low-level income tourist in facilities’. Mehmet Bostan mentions that facility focused tourists are not to contribute to the country economy and continued: ‘’We can just help the country economy if we focus on upper-income level tourists. Unless there is a renewal in our tourism understanding, we cannot see a change in the number of tourists coming to our country or a change of the economy.

The first nine months in 2018, Tailwind Airlines realized 1650 flights and will carry 320 thousand tourists to Turkey until the end of 2018. Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich are the most points in Europe, and Antalya, Izmir and Mugla are the most points in Turkey.


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