A TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 737-700 retracts nose gear after landing


TAAG Angola Airlines domestic flight DT130 from Luanda (LAD) to Soyo (SZA) suffered a nose landing gear retraction incident after landing on runway 24 at Soyo Airport, Angola.

The Boeing 737-700 registered D2-TBF departed from Luanda at 09:29 UTC with 47 passengers and 6 crew, and landed at Soyo Airport about 10:03 UTC after a short hop.

A spokesperson for the airline reported that the crew were working the after landing checklist when they inadvertently raised the landing gear handle to the up position, but apparently the ground sensor of the nose gear did not function, causing the gear to retract.

The aircraft came to rest with the nose contacting the runway surface. Nobody was injured and damage to the aircraft seems limited.


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