T-Cement Antonov AN-2 crashes shortly after take-off Magadan-13 Airport, Russia


On 19 February, a T-Cement Antonov AN-2 (RA-40642) operated a domestic flight between Magadan-13 Airport and Seymchan Airport, Russia. Shortly after take-off – about 20 meters height, the aircraft lost speed and the aircraft took a steep nose-up attitude before it dropped and impacted in a snowy field. 

The aircraft carried 12 passengers and 2 crew members, 13 people required medical attention. The aircraft that sustained substantial damage operated on a charter flight to deliver shift workers to Seymchan in the Magadan Region.

The Far Eastern Investigation Directorate for Transport of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched an investigation into the cause of the accident. The investigation is currently considering two versions: a technical malfunction on the aircraft or a violation of pilot rules.

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  1. ‘… a technical malfunction on the aircraft…’
    When we talk about a system, such as an aircraft, whole malfunctions would be ‘thecnical’ in nature. There would not be any malfunction in an any system that would be ‘non-technical’ in nature !
    For this reason, emphasizig the system malfuctions using the word ‘technical’ is not necessary.

  2. It is sorrow and very sad when a heavy plane like A-225 with smoking engines when so bad and so dense smoking in stationary situation in the airport is allowed by control tower to Taxi to the runway and permit them to fly. I am sure that the crew and also the flight engineer and airport trafic control people all were drunk.
    It is not possible to flight with such a smoking engines and then provide such foolish wild maneurs, realy very sad.


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