Swedish Transport Administration proposes Malmö – Cologne – Brussels night trains

SJ night train © David Gubler on wikimedia

The Swedish Transport Administration “Trafikverket” was commissioned last summer by the Swedish government to investigate conditions of night trains to many European cities. In their final report, they say that the Malmö – Cologne – Brussels link is the most suitable to move forward.

Trafikverket says that agreements have to be signed to make the idea concrete. Germany said that they are not yet prepared to make any agreement.

“Agreements with the countries concerned are a prerequisite for progress in this matter. It may be possible to apply a solution where traffic duty is only decided in Sweden and Denmark, and that the traffic is subsequently commercial. However, there are doubts about such a solution and this needs further study” says Anna Fällbom, Head of Unit Agreement and Financing at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The Malmö – Cologne – Brussels is said to have good traffic conditions “allowing relevant departure and arrival times, opening further connections to other parts of Europe.”

“When we partly reported the government assignment in January, Malmö-Cologne was proposed. As we have deepened the investigation, we have seen that it is possible to extend the route to Brussels. Traffic to Brussels is judged to be more complex, based on capacity and technical aspects, than just reaching Germany, but still possible to implement,” says Anna Fällbom.

If the train route gets concrete, it could start as early as 2022 to 2023. Interested operators have to provide vehicles themselves.



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