South African Airways to be replaced by new airline

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The South African government National Transport Movement (NTM) says a decision to shut down South African Airways and form a new airline has been reached.

In a statement, the Department of Public Enterprises said that the new airline would ideally have a mix of governmental and private ownership.

In terms of the agreement, the government will source 2.2 billion Rand (105 million euros) funding for severance packages.

The decision will result in the termination of all South African Airways employees’ contracts. Current South African Airways airline’s staff will be given preference for employment in the new airline.

The National Transport Movement (NTM) president, Mashudu Raphetha says, “It is a very sad day for the whole of the Republic that South African Airways is now going to shut down and we are now going to witness the emergence of the new airline.”

The union representing South African Airways flight attendants and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa are reportedly taking the airline to court; in an attempt to block the entrenchment process.

Source: SABC News


  1. If this is the case then what happens to those of us who book to South African airways flight for next year. Are they going to move our flight on to this new National carrier or are we going to be refunded our money?

  2. There is little chance of this happening?
    Where is the the money going to come from?
    Who is going to pay the outstanding debts overseas for fuel, landing fees, overflying rights, etc?
    This is just someone’s wishful thinking.

  3. This is just SAD as a South African an a aviation photographer. Seeing our airline has being destroyed over the last 25 years by the the government and corruption. Here is a link the expanse very well what happened by a former pilot from SAA. And with his family collectively have more the 70 years experience in the South African Airways. .

  4. lol they are going to dissolve the assets to the nearest buyer and the possibility of a new national airline is there but really funding for this is going to be scrutinised.

    Let’s all be honest here as well….who flies with SAA? I fly between 40-60 times a year internationally mainly and it’s sad to say, but I stopped flying with SAA a few years ago and would NEVER fly with them again. Price is soooo expensive and the service does not meet those those expectations – Emirates, Turkish, BA etc are far better. Sadly, I do think that a corrupt leadership team has put SAA in this position – another great company put to bed by corrupt officials – SA is becoming a sad state of affairs…

  5. It’s sad how we maintain the air line in the early day to see it the a.n.c goverment has allowed this to happen so so sad well we all said that this will happen so it did same as all the other goverment owned places

  6. I hope SAA will not join hand with airlines like Emirates or Qatar Airways. If they are, it will loose the identity as an African airline

  7. After independence I gave SA 25 years to sink into the abyss. I wasn’t far out.

  8. I wonder if we will get refunds on our tickets we currently hold. I’ve got a ticket from Perth to Durban and was due to fly during May 2020. Does anyone know if we are eligible for a refund?

  9. if the government have a finger in this there is already corruption..why a new airline..Why not continue wih SAA SOUNDS VERY FISHY TO ME..Who will they employ..half wits, who have not had any pilot training..NO THANKS..


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